WK 2: homework assignment

Connecting and Downloading Data from APIS

Due January 23rd at midnight

In this assignment you will walk through the steps to connect and download data from the Twitter and Facebook APIs.  You will collect Tweets and User Information from Twitter and Status Updates and User Information from Facebook.  The result of your efforts will be (at least) four comma separated files (.csv) files with data.

You will need to run python 2.7.3  from the lab computers in Room 380 or follow the directions in the lab assignment to install python 2.7.3 on your own computer.

Do not be afraid — you do not have to program anything:)  We have done all of the heavy lifting for you.  Despite our best efforts to provide as many details as possible about getting started and running the code, you may still have questions.  If that is the case, post to the discussion thread started for Assignment 2.

All of the files you need will be posted in the Files–>Assignments–>Assignment2 directory by Monday January 14th.  The Assignment is due January 23rd at midnight.


1.  One file: A text document that includes homework team member names (remember you are allowed to work with one other person) and keywords searched for.   For extra credit you can define the four tables (just in a table in the text file) for a SQL database by listing the column names and their associated data types and highlight the primary key for each of the four tables.

2. Four files: Tweet and User data from Twitter and Status Update and User data from Facebook

3. You will zip the four data files and the one text document and upload them to Canvas as your homework assignment2.

4.  You should name the file based on the users that worked on the file in alphabetical order by last name and tell us if you completed the extra credit portion.  If Shawndra Hill and Adrian Benton worked on the assignment together the file should be called.  BentonAdrian.HillShawndra.zip  If they completed the extra credit portion it should be called BentonAdrian.HillShawndraExtra.zip.

5. If you decide to work in teams of two, both students must complete the assignment together.  In addition, both students should submit the homework assignment under their own name to make grading easier for us.  In other words one student cannot put their name on another students work without contributing to the work.

The scripts you will use were written especially for this course.  Please do not distribute them without permission.  Thanks!