WK 1: homework assignment

Assignment 1: Data Mining Profiles
  1. Download and save Assignment1.LastNameFirstName.profile.doc to your computer
  2. Rename and save file to your computer with the naming convention LastNameFirstName.profile.doc (this means your last name and first name)
  3. Provide as much detail as you possible can about your background and interests. Profiles will be made public to the class and used to facilitate group formation.
  4. Submit the completed file as Assignment 1 using Canvas (If and only if you do not have access to canvas, submit the file to the instructor via email using OPIM672: Assignment1 as the subject)

In addition, generate 3 potential classification (prediction) problems/ideas as part of Assignment 1 (start exploring publicly available data sets – projects from prior years will also be made available for exploration). List this ideas at the bottom of your profile. No more than a paragraph is needed for each idea. Please try to communicate the problem to be solved and the data to be used.

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